the most

here comes the fishhead singing

here comes the baked potato in drag

here comes nothing to do all day long

here comes another night of no sleep

here comes the phone wringing the wrong tone

here comes a termite with a banjo

here comes a flagpole with blank eyes

here comes a a cat and a dog wearing nylons

here comes a machine gun saying

here comes bacon burning in the pan

here comes a voice saying something dull

here comes a newspaper stuffed with small red birds

with flat brown beaks

here comes a cunt carrying a torch

a grenade

a deathly love

here comes a victory carrying

one bucket of blood

and stumbling over the berry bush

and the sheets hang out the windows

and the bombers head east west north south

get lost

get tossed like salad

as all the fish in the sea line up and form

one line

one long line

one very long thin line

the longest line you could ever imagine

and we get lost

walking past purple mountains

we walk lost

bare at last like the knife

having given

having spit it out like an unexpected olive seed

as the girl at the call service

screams over the phone:

"don't call back! you sound like a jerk!"